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Thread: UP Auxillary Water Tenders

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    Default UP Auxillary Water Tenders

    Has anyone made a UP Aux. Water Tender? I've heard before about Big Boys hauling these behind them on those long trips...

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    Default RE: UP Auxillary Water Tenders

    i dont think so!
    but BB has enough water and coal to make it to Nebraska? :D LOL

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    Default RE: UP Auxillary Water Tenders

    I've been using the tender from Jens-Chris' Big Blow Turbines to good effect in this service. In fact, I believe that is the origin of the Water Tenders that UP 844 and UP 3985 pull while traveling around the system.


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    No the Big Boy didn't have a extra tender. But the tender with the UP turbines set is the type they now use with 844 and 3985. Also the Big Boy didn't have enough coal and water to make it Nebraska. It went through water and coal like there's no tomorrow.

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