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    At the [ |Tales from the Krug] site there is a photo at the bottom showing an inside cab view at night. This shows that the MSTS cabs are WAY too BRIGHT at night...blindingly so, and no engineer would be able to see the track ahead through the reflected glare on the windshield.


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    Know what you mean Bill. I'm surprised a 'night' texture can't be placed into a Cab View folder somehow, like you can in a Routes folder? I usually turn off my desklamp if I'm doing a night run to help me see ahead.

    But the bit of cab interior still looks like high noon in WalMart! ;-)

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    Yepper! That cab at night should be real dark, with the tiny glow of softly lit gauges and jewel indicator lights...the LED readouts lit in the more modern cabs. Definitely NOT the current situation. It'll be worked on though...there are some REALLY talented types out there with the know-how and edumacational fragmentudes to get it done.

    We need those darkened cabs! Trains DO run at night.


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    Check out the NALW F40PH...gauges are lit, cab is dark.

    Take care!


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