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Thread: help on proposed puter upgrade

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    Default help on proposed puter upgrade

    I visited my friendly puter store inquiring about an upgrade on my puter. I think i got a real good price on upgrading to a p/4 1.7 gig with a sapphire 845 m/b and a radeon 9000 pro video card and of course the new case too ----- all for $500 canadian installed . Not being too familiar with hard drive specs , I am wondering if i could tap some brains as to the result of said goodies as far as using MSTS . Thanks in advance for any advice anyone gives me.
    p.s. I already know it will improve from my present 8 meg video card and my celeron 400 --- it's issues i'm looking for.
    Brian Hickey

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    Default RE: help on proposed puter upgrade

    Hi Brian,

    The processor is good enough to run MSTS at good frame rates... but you might find that a similar rated Athlon is cheaper... Also although MSTS runs OK on Radion cards there have been some reported driver problems with them and MSTS certainly runs better using GeForce Cards.

    As far as hard drives are concerned try and get as large a drive as you can afford. also see if you can pick one up that has a 7200rpm rotation speed the faster the better as it cuts the access time down.

    You also didn't mention memory.... as far as MSTS is concerned, more is better... much more is much better!

    Best Regards,
    Julian (Fozzy The Bear)
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    Thanks Fozzy
    As to my memory ---i currently have 384 megs. I feel i will check it out with what i have then if more needed will purchase . Memory is easy to install and i can do that myself. Also memory seems to be dropping in price again , and since i'm a patient man (lol), I just might wait for the upcoming bargains

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