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Thread: Unable to save display setting.

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    Default Unable to save display setting.

    Hello All. I am unable to save any of the settings in
    display or advanced display after I change any setting.
    Ex. I change the display resolutions to 1024x768, click on save.
    Then when I run MSTS, the settings are back to the default.
    HP PIII 933 512Mb WinME. Any thoughts? I tried reinstalling MSTS
    Thank you

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    charliechan Guest

    Default RE: Unable to save display setting.

    Good Morning:

    You have not identified you vid card, you might need to download and install the latest drivers for the card.

    Have you tried to use the troubleshooter to run the program to let the sim identify the vid card you are using?

    Hope this helps


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    Default RE: Unable to save display setting.

    Hello Chandler.
    My video card is GeForce 2 64mb DDR with latest drivers. PIII 933 512mb WinME. Quess I didn't explain myself too good. Everything worked OK for almost a year. I shut off the puter one night, then next day, I could not save any of my setting. No other problems.
    Thank you for your reply.

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