I have not been doing this too long but I like to jump right in and start playing/simulating (Is it a game or a simulator?). I think that question has been addressed elsewhere.

Anyway, I have just completed activity 05 for Canton. (Yeah Sniper, I know, it's about Garber again!) In this activity you have to assemble some cars in the yard at Jefferson for delivery to Interchange.

It is a nice little activity with just two very important factors. You only have 40 minutes to complete the activity so you have to hustle. Unfortunately, before you can leave Jefferson Yard and begin to hustle the dispatcher advises you that you cannot access the wye in Logan.

Now I was hustling once before on Canton and came around a curve at the designated 45 mph speed limit and found myself and a consist of cars barreling down the throat of the Canton Yard. I do not blindly hustle any more!

Using a schematic of the system I noticed that there was quite a bit of distance between my location and the next switch but there did not seem to be any way to tell how far it was to the next switch in Wakula. Or was there?

I noticed that the switches were all set for the mainline. As a result, they did not show on the track monitor. But if you realigned the next one to a siding the red arrow appeared on the track monitor. Suddenly I had a fairly good idea how far it was to Wakula and I could HUSTLE.

As I passed all of the switches in Wakula and headed for Logan Aux I did the same thing. Again, when I cleared the Logan Aux yard and headed for the wye a switch change showed the distance to the entry of the wye and allowed me to continue to hustle and slow down just before entry into the wye where I received clearance to continue.

Maybe others have found this little trick but I do not recall seeing anything on the forum before. I just thought it was worth sharing. Us dummies need all the help and every trick that we can find to survive. It's a cruel world out there!

Have fun and keep on railroading! ;)


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