Friday i did my first multi-player and had a great time using my imagination like i did when i was a kid playing in the basement with my lionel train set. but enough of that. My thanks to all of u who can make utilities, engines, wagons, routes and all the things that are uploaded to train sim forum for free to be used by all of us. also i would like to thank all of u that have helped me by answering questions that i posted on the forum. But i would most of all like to thank Jim Ward for the PO&N 6,7,8 and i can't wait until 9 is ready, It has given me hours of enjoyment. Well this is getting a bit long winded, without all of your help i would have given up a long time ago on MSTS. I don't mean to leave anyone out so thanks again to everyone, because without all of you i would be lost...paul:D:D

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