Hi all,
My wife and I rode the Silverton narrow guage last weekend out of Durango CO and we really enjoyed it!( I even liked the cinders in my eyes!)
This is my first post although I have train-simmed since the game was first released.
To get to the nitty gritty I have spent HOURS and every possible thing I can think of to extract and load the Durango route in my route folder and am only getting a partial file extraction at best! I have read the spanned file thread and followed step by step to no avail! I have downloaded the SILV10_1 file six times thinking somehow the file was corrupted in someway which is the error message I get every time!( I,m on dial up and I,m talking TWO HOURS per download!)
I am useing Leechget and Getright to download and Ziprar and Route-righter to extract!I am so disappointed and frustraited at this point and out of ideas!
I also noticed a large number of routes are useing these spanned files so I have to get over this problem!
Any help would make my day!!!
Thank you ,