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    i remember downloading it a long time ago and can't find it now

    where can i find the empire state express?

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    Try looking in the file library.

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    i did it is not there.

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    Look for American Classics

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    you have to pay there.

    i one i had was a free download and was all silver.

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    It is no longer available. The pay version is the only one left.

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    >It is no longer available. The pay version is the only one

    gotta be some site i can find it at?

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    Only a pirate site.

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    In the file library, look for NHRR EP5 (electric). Enclosed in the zip package is a Setup file for the NHRR Merchant Limited. The Limited is a repaint/reskin of the Empire State Express. Which there is one original Ace file of (Empire State Express) within the set. You will need to make some alterations.

    Additional, you will have to remove the background music file (for the observation car) or you will get an error statement every time the consist loads to the sim.

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    the problem is i need it's cab view for some other locos

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