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Thread: Funnelfan ~ ARMN reefer

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    Default Funnelfan ~ ARMN reefer

    Hey Ted,

    Since you prolly see em all the time...? Can ya get a side shot and try to photoreal it?

    Just caught CP #115

    9761 upfront, and 8533 back about 80 cars. He had my first UP reefer, ARMN Union Pacific Chilled Express with a snowflake logo. Kind of bad its dark out.


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    Default RE: Funnelfan ~ ARMN reefer

    I'm not sure which car you are refering to. The only cars I've seen like that are rebuilt 57' reefers, not the high capacity kind like the one I modeled. We don't get many UP reefers through Spokane, because most of those cars go east to North Platte. I get to see plenty of the BNSF ones though.

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