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Thread: Hooray for Henry Triplett

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    Default Hooray for Henry Triplett

    Thanks to Henry Triplett for releasing, ten Alco PA-2s in two different Lehigh Valley liveries. Not only did he take the texturing and so forth forward a surprising step, he was also kind enough to reverse the models of half the units, so that you can form an A-A pair for passenger service without any trouble at all.

    Couple these locomotives with, and you've got the basis of the entire LVRR passenger effort. Or, if you feel like it, use the PAs in freight service, as the Valley reportedly did when the units first arrived and as they ran off their final miles. Now all that's left is to con someone into making the last style of coaches that were in use prior to 1961.

    Thanks a lot, Mr. Triplett!

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    Default RE: Hooray for Henry Triplett

    Thank you for your kind words!

    I was working on a set of activities for the Lehigh Valley route when I discovered that we had only *one* LV PA in the File Library. And as near as I can tell, that was a one-off scheme as well. I was surprised that no one had already done them.

    Of course I found some other items that I needed as well, but that's another story. :)

    Anyway, once I discovered that I could compress the S-file with no ill results, and that the two schemes were pretty similar, then I decided to go ahead and do the remaining ten PA's.

    Thank goodness for the great freeware tools that we have at our disposal!


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