Regarding problems with the PRR Centipede consist.

Dick, I got your e-mail, buut it came with a return address of [email protected]. That's the webmasters e-mail...

I decided to post here hoping to reach you. This appears to be a general issue, and I thought I'd also make it public.

This is the second mail I've gotten about this, I had uploaded a new ZIP file to my website hoping that would fix the problem. Apparently not, or you wouldn't have e-mailed me.

I really didn't understand the issue until I saw this part of your message...."I got something that looks like it hadnít left Eddystone yet! There was an interesting collection of frames and panels but nothing that MSTS could put together as a locomotive so it went into its usual error recovery mode-catatonic."...This is the same symptom reported in the other e-mail.

Part of the problem is I had never thought about folks using the Activity Editor to create consists...I never use it, preferring ConBuilder myself. The only reason I suspect you might be is something I ran accross when I was using the Activity Editor to create an activity. I accidently pressed the wrong button and opened the consist for PRR5827. I can see what you mean! It really does look quite a mess. I doubt anybody would be able to make sense of it...

The other issue is I forgot the consist file in the ZIP files for the PRR Centipedes. I see you did try to adapt the Seaboard con file, but I'm afraid that may not help much. There are 6 seperate models in the Pennsy Centipedes and they need to be in order.

The Seaboard DR-12's are put together like this...
SAL4500-1 + SAL4500-2 + SAL4500-3

The Pennsy BP-60 and BF-50 are more like this...
PRR5827-1 + PRR5827-2 + PRR5827-3 + PRR5827-4 + PRR5827-5 + PRR5827-6

Has to be this way so all the wheels and trucks will swivel as they should. This is especially important on the PRR units because only the -2 pieces call for the antenna assembly. The actual consist file should look something like this...

[email protected]@@@@@@@@@JINX0D0t______

Train (
TrainCfg ( PRR5827
Name ( "PRR BP-60 5827" )
MaxVelocity ( 40.00000 1.00000 )
NextWagonUID ( 7 )
Durability ( 1.00000 )
Engine (
UiD ( 1 )
EngineData ( PRR5827-1 PRR5827 )
Engine (
UiD ( 2 )
EngineData ( PRR5827-2 PRR5827 )
Engine (
UiD ( 3 )
EngineData ( PRR5827-3 PRR5827 )
Engine (
UiD ( 4 )
EngineData ( PRR5827-4 PRR5827 )
Engine (
UiD ( 5 )
EngineData ( PRR5827-5 PRR5827 )
Engine (
UiD ( 6 )
EngineData ( PRR5827-6 PRR5827 )

I would recommend using ConBuilder, which is available for free in the Train-Sim library and other places. It will cure that funky assemblage of parts in the visual, but more than that, it will couple the consist without crashing. The consist editor in MSTS will not allow you to create certain consists, even though they work...

I will update the ZIP file on my site with a consist file tonight, and I will also check to make sure it works in the MSTS consist editor. It won't look right, but it will work.

I appreciate the heads up.

Frank Musick

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