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    I used to lurk here a LONG time ago back before the game came out and I finally decided that 10 bucks at wally world was cheap enough that I could buy it. :) Here's my question.
    What are the essential modifications/downloads that I should make to this game?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome to the site ebmonon36.
    I would recommend downloading:
    Route-riter- for checking any routes and rolling stock and engines you download.
    Trainstore - Good if you download alot of routes and for speeding up MSTS load time,
    Con Builder- Easier than using MSTS for making consists. Also for finding any missing files or problems with engines and rolling stock.
    If you like to run trains on Marias Pass in MSTS, I have to recommend Marias Pass v3.1,instead of using default route.Note: You do need the default routes installed for most other routes in the file library to work.
    If you do download routes,download x-tracks and newroads in the file library.You will usually need one or both for some routes.
    All the above mentioned can be found in the file library.
    I'm sure there is alot more you could use and I.m sure others will reply and recommend things.

    Bob D.

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    You should download the update from Microsoft too:

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    I would assume that any MSTS CDs being released at this late date would already include any old updates from the main site. If you version is higher than v1.0, you are ok.

    As a double check, see if you have a class 50 engine in your diesel engine roster. That would indicate that the updates are included.

    Just want to save the guy 40 meg of needless downloads.

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    Except that you would probably want to install "trainupdate12.exe", about a 2 Mb download, to avoid being nagged about inserting a CD.


    EDIT: to be found at

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