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    Hi Jonpd

    Creating an activity with the Editor causes a PROBLEM and the program shuts down. After defining the path and consists, start en end point one wish to add consists on the unused tracks to make the activity more realistic. The moment I add a consist and move futher down the track the screen freezes and the system shuts down. I have tried to restart and have given up on the editor. I Dont want to reinstall the complete pakage as I have just recently doen that. Any suggestions. Thanks a million fir your help

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    Hi Anthonie,

    Don't be afraid of regedit, just be careful with it. If you decide to delete or modify an entry in the registy, you can import it so it can be returned to you registry. Create a file called "registry import" and send the entry there. Then all you have to do is double click on it and it is returned to the registry. I'll give you an easy on. Go to "Start", click on "Run" and type regedit, click on edit, click on find and type in 'hwrenderer'

    Set value of 'Showlogo' (near the botton of the page) from 1 to 0. How do you do that? Double click on Showlogo, a new box appears, change the 1 to 0 and click ok and now the splash screen is gone.

    If I am not clear or you need more help email mail me?

    P.S. There are many good articles in the forum. As mentioned above check I also save my Consists and Trainset to be able to use as needed after MSTS reinstall. I would also like to mention one last thing. I have used "Your Unistaller" (a smart un-installer) to remove msts. It seems to do a better job than just deleting msts. Before running a smart uninstall move your trainset and consists to another area.

    One final thing. I didn't intend this to turn into a thesis. Open Train Simulator and drag the icon labeled launcher to the desktop. Now click on properties and you will see "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\launcher.exe"skip a space and type -runeditor, type apply. This may help you get to editor better.

    One more final thing - save your sound & cab files. You will find this: Common.snd, Command cab and sometimes MC.Snd
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    Hi Fred

    You are most kind. Thanks a million. Will follow your leads and see what happens.

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    Could you please sent the link to steam4me again. The link is broken

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    Default New to msts question

    I just installed the program which I bought from Walmart. It is branded Atari but they do not provide support. Here is my question.
    When I start up the program it asks for disk #2. Is there a way to have it boot from my local hard drive? IF not is it possible to copy disk #2 so that I do not have to take the original disk with me everywhere?

    I look forward to this program. I did "drive" two routes last night and I am impressed. Cant wait to start adding different routes.

    thanks for your help in advance.
    rabbi winston weilheimer
    [email protected]

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    Welcome to the world of MSTS and to the forums.

    Go and install the official 1.2/1.3/1.4 (nobody knows what to call it) update from Microsoft. After installing that downloaded update, you'll no longer need the CDs to play the game.

    Make sure you install all of the routes that come with the game. Some routes you install later will borrow objects from those routes, so they need to be present.

    If you're impressed with the default content that came with the game--which is now considered horrendously outdated--then you're in for some surprises when you see many of the things that have been crafted since!

    There are many fantastic add-ons you can download from this and other sites, plus other great products you can buy.

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