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    Dale Stewart, of Making Tracks (, collapsed Wednesday evening at his home in the UK due to complications from a ruptured artery. Dale never regained consciousness, and passed away this afternoon at a local UK hospital.

    I didn't know him well, but I was fortunate to have met Dale this past February in Michigan. My deepest sympathies go out to his close friends and family. He will be greatly missed.

    For those who visit the MT website, Dale is pictured on the right with his friend Dave Babb, also of MT, at the Kuju offices in the UK.

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    Thanks for posting this, Dale was a pillar of the community in the UK and also followed things here from what i gather, I am very saddened by this news having known Dale for a while now and was due to meet up with him over the next couple of weeks while on a trip to the UK.

    He will be sadly missed by all that knew him and I know this is an exceptionally sad loss to the community

    Tim C

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