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Thread: Amtrak cab car

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    LOT_767 Guest

    Default Amtrak cab car

    HI os someone gonna make this car....

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    swhite101 Guest

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    I was planning to have a crack at the metroliner 2 car set, but so far have been frustrated by a lack of dimensions, I have pictures, but I need widths most of all


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    Max_Power Guest

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-05-02 AT 12:37PM (EDT)[/font][p]that's not a cab car, it's a metroliner carriage, that pantograph on the back is a dead give away, also there are no sperators in the front of this one, which clearly means that can't travel to different cars, or even use it as an extra car like you can with the regular cab cars. " this is a cab car
    that's the same cab car i got to ride up front in on my 10th birthday back in 94'

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