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Thread: Superliner Interior Question

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    So far no one has released a interior for the maindeck, I was thinking about importing the interior of the Acela to simulate to bottom floor. (yes, I've been in both, and yes, they are apples & oranges apart) Any reason why I cannot edit my .wag file and paste the view/sound off the acela wag file?

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    I may be possible, I think somebody tried it...
    the interior is a separate 3D model, and since the dimensions of the acela and the superliner are different, it might throw off the alignment. Also, the problem really lies in the fact that the you can't really see out of the windows of the Superliner, so the interior view is sort of a moot point.

    I'm just getting started on re-doing my new Superliner model, and Buzz (Jack Ryan) Benz MIGHT do one, he mentioned it once or twice. I'd imagine there's more than one person working on them right now, and surely someone will do a prototypical interior.

    Try a search for superliner interior, there could be a tutorial on how to put the acela view inside.
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