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    Hi all!

    Are any of you guys out there who are using GMax to create models for MSTS having any export problems - like the program crashing whenever you try to export? I don't know what's causing it, but it never happened before. I've managed to create models in GMax and export the .s file perfectly until I did something. Now it just crashes on export.

    I've been using GMax since the beginning of the year to create models for Flight Simulator 2002 without any problems - but then again FS2002 and MSTS are totally different. Can anyone please help?

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    Based on my experiences with GMAX and MSTS GamePack, I found out that MSTS GamePack will crash if:

    1. You didn't set the Distance to at least 200 meters.
    2. You didn't apply UVW mapping to the model.
    3. You didn't click on the button with the solid box (not the button with semi-solid box) after adding the model to LOD Manager.
    4. You didn't apply materials to model.
    5. You didn't select all of the objects on the model before adding the model to LOD Manager.
    6. If the model has animation such as linkages on steam locomotives, you didn't name the objects properly or you didn't animate the objects properly.

    I think that Kuju didn't test and debug the MSTS GamePack properly. If you create a model on GMAX with MSTS GamePack, save it, and try to load it into GMAX with another gamepack, for example, Trainz GamePack, you will get a warning message about a missing DLL file. Jeffrey.

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