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    First I would like to say thanks to all the modellers out there who have posted many great items to add on to MSTS!! THANK YOU!!
    I am wondering, as one just getting into 3-D modelling, which program works best for doing locomotives and rolling stock? TSM, G-Max or other? Not so much interested in ease to learn, but more into producing quality-realistic items. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance and forgive me if this question has been answered previously. (Still searching)


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    Michael, I am just getting to grips with TS Modeller and have created some decent wagons and am now on with my first little steam loco. Its only a 040 loco but I think it's best to start with something fairly simple. Its coming along great, the tutorials bundled with TSM are OK but slightly lacking in some area's and when I get stuck after trying with something I search this forum for a possible solution or post a request for help and the people here have never failed to help me and get me going again. So for me TSM is quite suitable.

    Hope this is of some help

    Good luck and good modelling


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