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    Anyone know which file to edit to change the default time limit after your train goes off the track before it says car derailed? We're trying to run a train off a cliff, and sometimes with the longer trains it kicks us out before we can even see the entire thing fall. I was looking around in engine files and dat files, but couldn't find the field. Anyone else been able to change this?


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    That must either be one high cliff or one long train! I've had a few trains "fall off the benchwork" on my Duluth & Northeastern route (the DM&IR main extends to the edge of the tiles on both sides from the D&NE/DM&IR interchange in Saginaw - I'll probably extend the route one day to model more of the DM&IR). It's about 600 or so feet above sea level, and I don't think I've ever had the derailment view time out before the last car hit the floor. By the way, does anyone know the elevation of the "floor" relative to sea level? It sure looks like a lot more than a 600 foot drop when the train cars scatter down there. Probably more of a question for the route design forum I guess. Anyway, the trains look so small down there that if you get your kicks from watching them hit the ground and scatter, you might want to consider a smaller cliff for a better view. Personally I've dropped a few too many cars off the benchwork on my N scale layout to get much enjoyment out of it in Train Sim, but at least there's no permanent damage when it happens in the Sim!

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    Isn't Saginaw a bit far south for DM&IR? I grew up in East Tawas, went to school in Bay City and Saginaw was next door. The words "Duluth", "Misabee" et al mean U.P and Minnesota to me.

    Or has Saginaw been moved to the U.P? Not a bad idea, then they won't have to be called "trolls" (people from under the bridge, if you get it).


    P.S. Am currently living in Gaylord, Michigan and so far as I know, Saginaw is where it always used to be.

    P.P.S. My paternal grandfather drove ore drags on the DM&IR.

    P.P.P.S. If Saginaw has been moved to Minnesota I will have to speak to Gov. Honest John Engler about this - I don't think he would ever approve such a thing.

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    Actually there is a Saginaw, Minnesota, about 20 miles east/northeast of Duluth. Not a real big place, but that's where the D&NE used to interchange with the DM&IR before the D&NE line was abandoned north of Cloquet.

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