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Thread: Any Conrail units in the works?

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    Default Any Conrail units in the works?

    Especially the following:

    -SD50 (6700-6834) NOTE: Units 6700-6804 were equipped with Flexicoil trucks from SD35 and SD45 trade-ins; 6805-6834 (EMD order #857080) rode on HT-C trucks which were standard for the SD50

    -SD60 (6840-6867) Units 6840, 41, 42 were former EMD demonstrators 1, 2, and 4; the horns on these 3 units were mounted on the cab roof as on the SD50s; on all others, the horns were on the engine compartment roof as on the SD60Ms

    -SD60M/SD60I (5500-5654)

    -B36-7 (5000-5059)

    -B40-8 (5060-5089) All 30 units had a large "Labor/Management Partnership" decal on the nose under the Conrail name

    -C39-8 (6000-6021)

    -C32-8 (6610-6619) Unique to Conrail, these basically resembled a shortened C39-8

    -C40-8 (6025-6049)

    -C40-8W (6050-6285) All units upward from 6100 were delivered in "Conrail Quality" paint; starting with 6150, the style of the cab numbers was changed to more closely resemble the ones applied to units painted by Conrail and EMD

    -C36-7 (6620-6644) John Peterson's C30-7 would be a good starting point for this one!

    Bruce Bridges
    Indianapolis, IN

    Building the Conrail Indianapolis Line (between Indianapolis and Marion) for MSTS
    -All trackage complete
    -All signals and mileposts in place between Avon and MP 212

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    Default RE: Any Conrail units in the works?

    These two will be released soon by the NALW...

    [Link Expired]

    and here is the C40-8W
    [Link Expired]

    John Rosh
    TKW Public Relations
    [Link Expired]

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    Default RE: Any Conrail units in the works?

    SD40-2 ex-Conrail and EMD GP40-2 ex-Conrail will soon be aviable on

    SCL/CSX A-Line

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