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Thread: Hiawatha (among other things)

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    Default Hiawatha (among other things)

    From the work on the Triplex, I've learned enough to go after two problems I've had on other projects...I finally got the texture to work on the arch bridge. At leats in TSM...Route Builder is another story. Oh Well!

    I also took another shot at the Hiawatha. I was working on the Hudson, but I now have plans for the Atlantic too. The cab is way easier this time. The boiler shroud is also going well. Since most of the engine is hidden under the sheetmetal, it's easier than I thought. It's also a VERY clean design,(even the cab and tender are enclosed).

    It has struck me that this might be the first American Atlantic on the forum. Gives me goosebumps!

    Of course since I'm creating an Atlantic type, that leads into the Pennsy E class. (it's that commonality of parts thing happenin'). Don't get your hopes up right away. I want to finish at least one before taking on another.

    One question! On engines like the Hiawatha I'll be creating a "boxpox" kind of driver. I'm thinking that this is not a function of the 3D model itself. I would assume that the driver detail is a texture added to the wheels. Am I anywhere near correct?

    Before I go any further on detail of the three current projects...Triplex, Hiawatha, and Erie L class, I'm going to try to get them running. I need some experience on ENG files, creating cabs and texturing. It seems to make sense to check their capability first. Adding detail before I know the frames swing correctly seems like asking for trouble.

    At this rate even the Lil' Joe will come off the back burner...No Green Diamond, though...Sorry to all those who are waiting on the "tomato worm"...

    On the wishlist...
    Hiawatha train set for both the Hudson and the Atlantic (I have the "beavertail" observation, anyone seen plans for the glass tail observation of the later years?)
    Pioneer Zephyr (unless that bored guy gets there first)
    UP M-1000 (if I can find the plans again)
    Illinois Central "Green Diamond" (and any other special streamliners from the 30's)
    more Camelbacks
    Reading's articulated pushers (forget which class, worked out of Gordon)
    Anything else I can get my hands on.

    I'll post some updates and bitmaps once I learn how to use the new forum design.

    Where, oh where, has my signature gone?

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    Default RE: Hiawatha (among other things)

    >Hiawatha train set for both the Hudson and the Atlantic (I
    >have the "beavertail" observation, anyone seen plans for the
    >glass tail observation of the later years?)

    Does this mean it's modeled?

    Looking forward to both of those. Those are my absolute favorite steamers.

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    Default RE: Hiawatha (among other things)

    MORE STEAMERS!!! YES!!! You guys are killing us. There is like 30 or 40 American Steam Locos being made at this very moment. Keep up the great work dude. Also, Nels has to activate the function to post pics. He will get to it soon, he is having some other promblems with this new forum right now. Also, try to finish a project before you start another one. Just a little hint.

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    Default RE: Hiawatha (among other things)

    Both Hiawatha's are still in the works. Since they are generally similar in many ways getting one done goes a long way towards the other (Yea..Sure it does!) Didn't DL109's pull the train after the steamers?

    The train sets appear to be radically different (at least to me). The "second" set were built as smooth sides. I think the original were all reworked heavyweights and had those strange windows...

    I almost forgot to add my own favorite to the list.
    The Lehigh Valley "John Wilkes"

    That means I can build three Pacific's from the Hudson parts, shrouded, unshrouded, and camelback.

    Running off cackling a maniacal laugh)

    "Someone stop him before he hurts himself"

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    Default RE: Hiawatha (among other things)

    Understood...I just didn't want to wait to apply what I was learning to what I thought were "still borns".

    You are right. It is VERY easy to get over extended (carried away might be a better phrase).

    I have found that working in a couple of different areas at once helps me solve problems in others. Taking a break from a frustrating part by working on another keeps the yelling to a minimum. Take the arch bridge for [email protected]#*/* damn &%#@!...

    If all else fails, I can always shut down the computer and try porting another engine head for the Oldsmobile.

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    Default RE: Hiawatha (among other things)

    In regards to the MILW Skytop obs car. You may want to try the Friends of 261 web site(not sure of the URL) as they had a full MILW passenger trainset(in orange & maroon)complete with said obs car bringing up the rear on their train out of Chicago this past weekend

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    Default RE: Hiawatha (among other things)

    The 35 train was all new cars that were streamlined lightweights, and painted to match the A's. They were smoothsides. There were some heavyweights that were modernized, however. The 38 was a ribbed side train built with the F7's, and painted to match. Then the Olympian Hi was all new cars(super Domes, skytops, etc)Are you gonna do all variations of the Beavertail? 4 windows, 2 windows, 2 windows with fins?
    I should add that all cars were homebuilt by the MILW.

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    Default RE: Hiawatha (among other things)

    Man, you must be busier than a 1 legged man in an ...well you know the rest.

    I've been working on a single engine for about a month yet, and am far from ready to declare it even close to being finished.

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    Default RE: Hiawatha (among other things)

    As I was digging through my Model Railroaders I came accross the article on the Hiawatha. I read "all welded construction" and thought oh, hell, I screwed that up...As an excuse I offer the fact that so many of the "streamliners" on other, less profitable, lines were rebuilds. Lehigh Valleys "Asa Packer" and "John Wilkes" being premiere examples (like a Pontiac Tempest with a GTO hood).

    Be that as it may...

    I stand corrected, and grateful for the information. Especially on the ribbed sides for the F Class. I came across quite a few pictures of the F last night and realized it really isn't anything like the A class except in general shape. Not even the cabs are the same.

    The beavertail I have drawings of is the two window. I think I saw a picure of the fin version, sitting next to the skytop incidently, at Milwaukee Union. I was only thinking about the one I have drawings for. Now that I know the 1938 version was ribbed, I may back off on that until I figure out how to approach it. I still intend to keep the F class hudson on the project list, though. Leaves something for the rest of you guys to work on :D

    PS...Since I was locked out of the forum I've had more time to research...I should know better than to go sniffin' around, because now I have the plans for the rib sides and the skytop (and the finned beavertail). There's a site <> with tons of info...The photos of the fin tail being welded up reminds me of a Hot Rod article...

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    Default RE: Hiawatha (among other things)

    Notice that I didn't claim any finished products :D

    The Triplex is in the most advanced state. It actually looks like something, which has helped a lot. I was beginning to think it was impossible to learn how this works. The point function has been used to overcome a lot of shortfalls in TSM. GMAX has me totally lost...I'm going to try 3DCanvas again, but the free version always seem to be missing something (like saving your projects).

    The A class Hiawatha is barely more than wheels, boiler and cab. The F class was at the same stage, but I scrapped it. It will benefit from the new stuff I learned and the A class parts.

    The Erie "L" is not much more than the Triplex with parts removed and a cab relocation. Still, it's further than the F class Hiawatha was after a month of struggling.

    When I'm not working I spend a little bit of time on each (and others) when the cat's not sleeping on my keyboard. At those times there all the other chores to get done, a couple of other hobbies, and the Pennsy Middle Division I'm helping with. My own Lehigh and Atlantic is on hold, waiting to benefit from all the experience I'm gaining.

    The bad news is I went through ALL my train magazines last night and pulled any plans I could find. There are now hundreds of potential projects. The good news is that I found the M1000 plans tucked into a book. That's a high priority on my wish list.

    Right now I'm going to concentrate on the Hiawatha (just the A class locomotive) and the Triplex. Once they're "finished" to a respectable degree I'll start fiddling with other stuff (found lots of goodies in those old magazines)

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