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Thread: Beating a dead horse

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    I know this subject has probably been beaten into the ground but.....

    I installed new cars and loco's per instructions of the zips. However, when i go to the consist editor i can't see the new locos. I can see the cars. But no new locos.

    Thanks for any help

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    Have you figured it out yet? I'll try to explain. I take it by your comment you've gotten to the point were you can see the different types of engines. If you've done all the other steps correctly, somewhere in the list should be your engine. If your not sure click on them and look at the picture. Drag it into the consist area and save it.

    I hate to go through the whole discussion on how to create a new folder and what files you need in it if you've already done it. Let me know if you need help there.


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