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Thread: Safety Cab--Prob with *.s file

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    TRKneller Guest

    Default Safety Cab--Prob with *.s file

    I downloaded the Chessie caboose and love it. I decided to do a repaint on it as well. I finally got MakeACE to work (I have more problems with that utility not initializing) and got both *.ace files made. When I went into the consist editor to add the newly repainted caboose (I still have the Chessie, too) I get an error that says it "failed to open shape file" which is the *.s file.

    The Chessie didn't have docs so I just did what I did in the NH download and repaint: renamed all the essential files and replaced any references within the files to Chessie or Safteycab with the corresponding renamed files. Unfortunately, I can't view the contents of the *.s file.

    So what is going on with this "shape" file?


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    KevinC Guest

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    Did you leave the texture names what they were originally?
    saftcab.ace for the bmp and scabcar.ace for the tga?
    And edit shape reference to match the new name of the .s in the .sd and the .wav files?


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    Default RE: Safety Cab--Prob with *.s file

    If you renamed the .s file you need to open the .sd file with WordPad and edit it...there's a reference to the .s file name in the .sd file.

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    TRKneller Guest

    Default RE: Safety Cab--Prob with *.s file

    I changed all references in the *.eng and *.sd files but it didn't work. So, to see how the repaint looked, I just inserted my new SAFTCAB.ace and scabcar.ace files in the chessie folder. This worked, but I lost the use of the Chessie caboose for now.

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