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Thread: 3D Train Stuff?????

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    I Downloaded Both the CSX and the Santa Fe from these guys and I have the same problem with both of them.The csx will be there if you install the activity,but will only show up in the NEC when trying to make a consist at this point your default Dash9 shows up in the picture ads a CSX.I had no Luck with the Santa FE the one time it did show all the Dash9's showed up as Santa Fe's???Ihave downloaded all the engines out there these are the only ones that caused trouble.Does anyone out there have any answers.TOO BAB THESE ENGINES ARE VERY VERY NICE!

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    Did you create a consist to go along with the Santa Fe Dash 9? Add-on locomotives will not show in the MSTS engine list if they do not have a consist for them.

    I have both of 3D Train Stuff's locomotives and they work fine for me and are available to use on any route.

    Locomotive Engineer

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