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    robbiet69 Guest

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    First, thanks to all who tried to help me with my prob(RE: Help with repaints), But I still have it lol. My father just got TS, and I walked him through what I did to try and convert my file to ACE, guess what?...It worked for him. I then (again) tried to do it, and the program shut down (again). I knew I was doing it right, so I now think there is something wrong with my DOS, or my copy of Makeace. I have shut all programs I could off,tried again, and still dosnt work. Any ideas?

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    TRKneller Guest

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    Sorry, I can't help you with your problem because I, too, have problems with MAKEACE.

    It seems to work once in a great many tries. I sat there for over an hour just running the bmp and tga files through it and always getting "MakeACE failed to initialize."

    Finally, it converted the bmp. Then I tried the tga and it failed again. So, I rebooted for the fourth time and went to lunch. Came back a long while later and started trying again. Took about half an hour before it ran the tga file.

    Or only part of the time!?


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    Default RE: Makeace problem

    It works all the time for me. Only once in a very long while does it give me an exception message, and that's usually because I've done something wrong.

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    robbiet69 Guest

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    I dont even get "failed to initialize" I get "This program has performed an illegal funtion and will be shut down". Someone out there must have the answer..?..Nobody else is having this problem? Am I the only one?? I have quite a few cars I want to share.

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