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Thread: Getting used to the editors :-)

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    RailroadKing Guest

    Default Getting used to the editors :-)

    Now I am getting familiar with all of this. I managed to get a new route built, well I should call it a layout though because right now its only track and a few hills with a couple of switches. But the good news is...I created it in only about an hour. Yes it is small but I was able to drive a diesel on it for a while on a tour activity. It would be possible to make a couple of cool activities with it. As far as the Route Geometry Extractor I am still unsure of what it actually is supposed to do but I am getting ideas. Here are some things I had found out:

    In the RGE(route geometry extractor) when you select to start a new route there is a director patch at the top thats titled source template. I think this is where MSTS actually goes to get all of the objects and terrain for your new route. It defaults to a basic template directory which has only very basic objects and terrain tiles. When you select browse to change the directory it will stay the same. You have to actually type in the directory name there. But the thing is I have tried this and it still somehow used the template directory. I think there is something that should be done to change this path but I am not sure what it is because that browse function don't seem to work.

    Here are some tips that may help others:

    You can use the height tool in the Route Editor to make hills and mountains pretty easy. All you have to do is select the area of terrain you want to raise or lower, then press the UP or DOWN arrow on the KEYPAD(note the Keypad not Keyboard). I was having fun messing with this :) Can someone say Mt Everest...hehe

    The dynamic track sections are very useful because you can make them as long as you want and turn the track as much as you want. But you do have to go to window at the top and select dynamic track so it will show the control window that allows you to set it up how you want.

    To delete anything in the editor such as a track or object, just pick the select object tool then the object will turn red then you press the DELETE key. Note on some tracks, i think the dynamic ones, you have to select the green symbol at the end of the track then it will turn black then you can press DELETE to delete it. Other track sections will just turn red showing they are selected and allowing you to delete.

    Anyway, I found out all of this just by reading the help sections that come with those editors and a little bit of experimenting. Those help sections are actually pretty good and have more info then what I originally thought. You just have to select all of those highlighted parts and it brings you to much more info.

    Now even though I still have some things to undertand here those editors are easier then what I first thought they would be. They did look confusing at first but I am starting to get the hang of it now that I have read some more. At last, once I find out how to load in the terrain tiles and objects you can bet I will be on the role. :)

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    TomGoodrick Guest

    Default RE: Getting used to the editors :-)

    Thanks for the tip on deleting dynamic track sections. I'll try it.

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    Ricky Guest

    Default RE: Getting used to the editors :-)

    Microsoft would doing us a real favor if they could release decent documention for the editor.


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    This may help, part of it I got from another post on here but you have to go a few steps further to get the terrain and all the objects. Heres what I did.

    I generated a route named Texas and it had just the basic files from the templete directory, which is not very much. After doing that I went to the USA1 folder under Routes and copied the contents of the Shapes, TerrTex and Textures folders, including all sub-folders under TerrTex & Textures, over to my Texas directory. In the root directory of every route folder you will see 1 ref file, this tells the editor what textures to load, in the case of Usa1 its called necorid.ref, I copied that file to my Texas folder and renamed my Texas.ref to Texas.old and then renamed necorid.ref to Texas.ref and after doing this I now have every ground texture, building, tree, bush etc etc that you find in the tracks supplied with the game, including those objects in differant seasons, such as snow covered crates & trees when its winter time. :)

    Hope this helps, if you have any trouble feel free to email me and I'll help as best I can. Happy editing!

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    Default RE: Getting used to the editors :-)

    Has anyone been able to load their new routes into MSTS
    I am missing something i think

    it will not show up for anything

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