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Thread: Adding Objects to New Route

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    Default Adding Objects to New Route

    OK, so I created a simple new route using the instructions in the editors. The problems is that there are few objects like building available. I tried copying the contents of the shapes folder from one of the existing routes into the new route's shape folder, but that didn't help either.

    So my question is, how do I get an object from one of the existing routes to be usable in my new route. Any ideas would be appriciated.

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    Default RE: Adding Objects to New Route

    In the event that no one's figured it out, try this:

    Build your own object collection in the template directory by culling the objects you want from the various existing routes. Find both the object's 'shape' and 'texture' file and put them in the corresponding subdirectory in the template directory.When you 'compile' the route, a new *.ref file is made and these objects will be seen in any subsequent new layout.

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