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    I think I have a bug found. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem

    I tried lowering a section of land. I wanted to bring it down to the same height as the track so instead of just using the arrow keys on the num. keyboard I tried using the feature Height in the shortcut menu(Right click when you have chosen land to lower) It will let me put positive numbers but if I write a negative number it just doesn't do a thing except keep popping up the height box again and again until I cancel. I thought maybe I was writing the negative wrong so what I did was lower the land to a negative by the arrow key and then checked the land height. It said -xx.xxxxxx or whatever so just for the heck of it I clicked enter to see if it would accept the current height and it didn't. It will not except negatives. This is a shame cause it's really useful as a tool for terrain adjustements. If anyone knows how to fix this or Microsoft is around listening to use rant, please get this one fixed in the next patch or a fix.

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    when you generate you tiles in the terrain editor - use the height offset - take the height above sea level of the area you are building and convert it to meters

    then you can lower things quite nicely

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    I guess that would work thanks

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