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Thread: Extending a Route

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    TucsonCoyote Guest

    Default Extending a Route

    Paul "Tucson Coyote" Bender here

    is there anyway to extend a Route I mean what I was thinking was extending Marias Pass so that we can start getting some longer runs pass Shelby and Whitefish...(The Route is good but needs to be lengthend...

    also some suggestions for Add on Routes...

    Tehaccapi Pass(The One with the Loop)
    Cajon Pass (Steep Grades in California)
    Raton Pass (More steep Grades in New Mexico)
    Donner Pass / Emigrant Gap (Sierra Mountain Railroading)

    These Are just a Few Suggestions for add-ons...

    Paul "Tucson Coyote" Bender

    P.S. Train Sim Rules!

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    smokinggoat Guest

    Default RE: Extending a Route

    You should be able to extend the route, but it won't exactly be a picnic. However, the place to start would be to open the route (USA2) in the Route Geometry Extractor. After selecting the route, load its quad-tree from the file menu. This will display the route's location on the large map. Zoom in on the blue squares until you have a comfortable mix of detail and however much distance you want to add. From there you are probably best off following the instructions in the help file on adding tiles. This part of route design seems to be the easiest and best documented. Either that or it is the part that is least likely to get screwed up. Once you have the tiles you need, you should be ready for the Route Editor. Be prepared for a challenge from there on out. From what I've been reading, alot of people are getting frustrated, but I'm still optimistic. The ones who stick with it will be the ones who are the most patient, painstaking, and clever. Which to me means that they will probably produce some high-quality routes. Keep checking the forums for new tricks, and keep posting updates on this thread. I'm rather interested to see what comes of it. Good Luck

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