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    You Guest

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    Im not giving up... but I cannot lay switches, i cannot place
    stations... and so on. All i can lay is strait track and tunnels. Please Help Me I really need help (I am trying 2 create the Chunnel Route in England)

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    andy_disco Guest

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    What exactly is causing you problems? Do you get error messages? All the basic track you need is right there in the Track Sections list. If you can find what you want from the list of (admittedly, very confusing) names, you can use it.

    Stations are going to be interesting. I cannot find a single platform, at least from the NEC samples. All stations seem to be pre-formed one piece objects. Has anybody found any seperate platforms?


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    willyb99 Guest

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    Hey You!

    I would check you *.ref file. Maybe some of the classes are not loading??

    Have a look at the techdocs, there is a doc in there to edit *.ref files

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    white0423 Guest

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    I am the one making the SE Florida route and did find something to use for a platform. I am using it for my Tri Rail stations along my route. For those who do not know about Tri Rail it is a commuter train service that travels from West Palm Beach to Miami and is very cheap to ride. For more info check out Now you are wanting to know what I used well go under clutter in your object directory assuming you have copied all the object and things from another route that is. Once there scroll down and you will see a concrete slab which is a large slab. All you need to do is line it up close to the track and lay additional pieces and presto you have a platform. Now what I did next was to add a single building which looks like a ticket booth and place lights around the new platform. Next you add the green platform piece and stretch into position then name it and you have a new station. Oh for those wondering about lights there are two types standard street lights and also spot lights which are also located under clutter. Have fun.

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    You Guest

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-15-01 AT 09:10AM (EST)[/font][p][font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-15-01 AT 09:09 AM (EST)[/font]

    [font size="3" color="#FF0000"]

    Thx 4 ur help... but i cant get the concrete slab thing 2 work would u mind giving me detailed instructions, also i can now lay switches - turns out i didnt know the name and i was trying 2 find it by pic. Thx again (But Still No Platform, Lights, Signals, or Anything else)

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    Short1ESK Guest

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    MY EYES!!!!!!!!!

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    Short1ESK Guest

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    That was because of the red just so ya know

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    You Guest

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    Im Giving Up.

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    RailroadKing Guest

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    White, how are you coming along with that route? Can you post a screenshot or two up?

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