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    Now that I have roughly 40 miles of mainline down, I added my signals at Interlockings. When I went to run the simulation I found that none of the signals light up. These are the US2sig's.
    When I use the Jap3light, they all show a aspect. In act. editor they won't show up as signals either. When I looked at Marias pass, there is nothing in there that shows the signals how to work either. Has anyone figured this mess out yet?

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    Did you set the 'link' in the signal properties box?

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    I had the same problem. I copied the sigcfg.dat and sigscr.dat files from the USA2 directory to the root directory of my new route and all of the BNSF signals are available and operate properly. I suspect that if you wanted to use signals from two different routes you would have to write new files for the sigcfg.dat and sigscr.dat files. Hope this helps.

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