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    jim s Guest

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    Can anyone tell me why I dont have dynamic track available if Im trying to edit Marias Pass route using the route editor. If I edit the tutorial route, or if Im designing my own route, dynamic track is available. But not in the established routes. Am I missing something, or doing something wrong ?? Im finding I really need the dynamic track to make up wyes.
    Reinstallation of the program doesnt help by the way.


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    romanov Guest

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    I noticed that the dynamic track option for marias pass is under track sections at the very bottom. It no longer has a seperate entry (like the template route has) for dynamic track.

    Hope this helps.

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    jim s Guest

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    I couldnt find it at all.. Checked and found the command wasnt in the '.ref' file for some reason. Put it in and its working fine now. Thanks for the help


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