Firt of all let me say, I love XTracks. Without you can't create a layout looking just a bit like real. But there is a bug inside (or I'm to stupid) with the curved switches 500r8 both right and left.
The 500r8LftMnl creates a right hand one and the 500r8RgtMnl creates a left hand switch. Sounds like nothing if you know this bug, you can remember it and thats it.
But the real problems comes up when you ride the route, especially in explore mode. If you encounter a curved rigth hand switch the F8 display shows you a left hand one ahead that is set on the straight track as default. In truth the curved right switch ahead is set on the very right turnout track.
The reason is, you inserted a right hand switch with she shape of a left hand one.

Ok, enough with left and right? Just test it yourself, may be I'm only to stupid, but I'm sure not.

May be its to late to fix this bug before XTracks gets ready for MSTS2, but it would be nice to remember this bug for the future.