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Thread: Gradient Chart

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    I just noticed this. The H&E was my fill-in route. It ends at
    CopperHill, but includes as much of the old Tenn. Prod. & Chem. railroad lines as I could trace on aerials etc. The mainline (KD) is from Englewood to the TN/GA line. I also included a mile or two of
    the Athens Branch, and mile or two of the Tellico Branch, and a mile or two of a logging railroad that was used to construct what is now the Ocoee Dam, nearest the Tennessee Valley.

    It will probably not be completed in MSTS, but more likely will be one of my first efforts in TMTS when that comes out. I have TRAINZ-2004, but shelved it, too toy like for me, and I never could figure out how to do a real-world route in it, while in the meantime, MSTS in spite of it's peculiar problems got easier to use with experience.


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    Hi Kevin !

    You should find some clues here:
    [Link Expired]

    O t t o

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    can someone tell me how to creat marker files i dl both tscale and poker but dont know how make marker files? can somoene help

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    Google is your friend. Try using the search term msts marker files. The first half dozen entries may be of interest.

    I think you'll find doing the search is much quicker then waiting for a response here. This is the first item in the list:


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