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Thread: searching for an utilitie!!!

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    Default searching for an utilitie!!!

    Correct me if I am wrong... but isn't there an utilitie that allows, in the Route Editor, to put values beyond the default interval... for example to make gradients with more that 3 of inclination or something like that? or values for dynamic tracks...

    If such thing exists? where exactly can I find it???

    thanks in advance!

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    Default RE: searching for an utilitie!!!

    I don't know of any utilities, but you can alter the dynamic track values beyond what the RE allows by editing the world files. Then, to get the blue pole to appear in the right place (at the end of the track), you just alter one of the dynamic track parameters and change it back, then save. For example, I usually alter the radius value to get it larger than the 2000 meters that the RE allows, and then when I go into the RE, I select that piece, add a little bit of straight to it, usually just 2 meters, and then take it away right away, and then the blue poles are in the right place.


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