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Thread: A Question about Demex

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    And the blue tile lines stay where they were originally? Meaning if you shift an object across a line the software is smart enough to relocate it to other world file?

    [b]Dave Nelson
    SLW Route Design: The Cal-P, 1950.[b]

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    Hi Dave !

    What the TSUtils MOVE does is it physically moves everything a route contains to new co-ordinates according to requested multiples of, if I remember correctly, 8 degrees North, South, West or East, re-calculating all position co-ordinates in all the route's files using them and updates them with the new values.

    Here is the Conrail Indy-2 after I moved it South and West to get it away from the GWV demarcation lines, straddling the one you can see below and another North-South one, I think. Was a while ago when I did that ! ;-)

    These lines are only visible if you install the RGE add-on from 3D-Trains !

    O t t o

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