A Small World

Version and Release Date
Current: Alpha 1.01, 17.9.2002

A Small World Alpha 1.01 2000 km Route: This 2000 km long route now has the tracks finished and quite a lot of exploring activities coming with it. Railway companies include: RZD, CR, MTZ, OeBB, DB, FS, BLS, Wales & Borders, TCDD, ENR, SRC, PR, IR (WR, CR, NR), EFE, FdeC, ENAFER-Peru.

Installation Method
copy TEMPLATE folder into ROUTES folder, rename it, unzip downloaded file into the ROUTES folder

Size of Download
30.7 MB

Size of Installed Route
1.65 GB

Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations
aimed to reproduce prototypical operations for each operating company

Freight or Passenger

Era or Genre
around the year 2000

Transsib, Eurotunnel, Vienna, Wales Coast, Munich, Lötschberg, Simplon Pass, Semmering Pass, Italian Network, Istanbul, Nile Valley, Nubian Desert, Khyber Pass, Delhi, Indian mainline, Mumbai suburban, Chile mainline, Transandino, line to Machu Picchu, Cuba mainline Havanna - Santiago de Cuba.

Length of Mainline
2000 km

Length of Branches
can't really be divided into branches & mainline, way to complicated
see map on http://ronaldus.com/asmallworld

Number of Branches
see map on http://ronaldus.com/asmallworld

Number of Sidings
2117 sidings
3204 platforms

Number of Yards
30+ very large yards, not to speak of the smaller ones.

Mixture of Dual and Single Track
mainly dual track
est. 20% single track
some parts multiple tracks

Level of Trackside Detail
not much yet, but will be a lot ;-)

Amount of Scenery Completed
some terrain, very few objects

FPS Specs, with qualifiers
since there are mainly only tracks for now -> no problem with FPS

Activities Provided

ASMAWO Express Vladivostok - Havanna
one of the longest distances a train can travel in A Small World

ASMAWO Munich - Machu Picchu
get some German tourists to Peru

ASMAWO Night Express Vienna - Mumbai
a real overnight train

Eurostar Moskva - Vienna
go through the Eurotunnel at high speed

Transsib Nr 2 Moskva - Vladivostok
drive the legendary Rossija along the whole Transsib

Transsib Nr 3 Beijing - Moskva

EuroCity Venezia - Vienna
go over the Semmering Pass by day

EuroNight Vienna - Roma
drive from Vienna to Rome by night

ICE Vienna - Munich

Vienna Suburban Schnellbahn
go from Wiener Neustadt to Mistelbach through Vienna

Vienna Suburban Schnellbahn 2
Wien Hütteldorf - Mistelbach

Wales Coast Munich - Vienna
drive a railcar along the Welsh Coast

EuroCity Munich - Milano
go over the Lötschberg by day

Eurostar Milano - Roma

Eurostar Roma - Venezia

Express Roma - Istanbul
go along a spectacular coastline

Night Train Cairo - Aswan
go along the River Nile

Express Cairo - Istanbul

Nubian Desert Wadi Halfa - Khartoum
drive the Nile Valley Express

Khyber Pass Peshawar - Landi Kotal
drive a railcar up the Khyber Pass

Steam Khyber Peshawar - Landi Kotal
go up the Khyber Pass in a relatively realistic consist

Steam Frontier Mail Bombay - Peshawar
drive this nostalgic train

August Kranti Rajdhani Mumbai - Delhi
drive this night express train

Golden Temple Mail Amritsar - Mumbai
todays edition of the Frontier Mail

Mumbai Rajdhani New Delhi - Mumbai
one of IR's most prestigeous trains

Mumbai Rajdhani Vadodara - New Delhi
pick it up in a more realistic way at Vadodara

Mumbai Suburban Borivali - Churchgate
suburban activity with a loooot of traffic!

Mumbai Suburban Harbour CST - Andheri
suburban activity with a loooot of traffic!

Automotor Santiago - Chillan

Automotor Valparaiso - Santiago
this is a nostalgic activity

Freight Santa Clara - Valparaiso
get some rum to Valparaiso port

Freight Santiago - Los Andes

Merval Limache - Valparaiso
Valparaiso suburban line

Metrotren San Fernando - Santiago
Santiago suburban line

Transandino Los Andes - Cusco
drive a train up the Andes

Tren Nocturno Santiago - Temuco

Tren Nr 1 Havanna - Santiago de Cuba

Railcar Santiago de Cuba - Havanna

Tourist Railcar Cusco - Machu Picchu
get some tourists to Machu Picchu

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities
For the activities coming with the route: none
Activities with 3rd part rolling stock will follow

A Small World rolling stock in development

Add-In Track Sets: {edited by request to clarify)

Tsection.dat file used:

Payware or Freeware

URL for More Information and Screenshots

Known Problems
- Terrain whiteout problem - MSTS bug, can be solved simply

- Activity route not up to date at the very long (ASMAWO) activities - not really a problem

- MSTS loading slowly - made better by .bat file in Alpha 1.01 version

Where it can be downloaded