Name of route: Mesaba Electric Railway

Version/Release: 1.0 November 23, 2002

Description: An interurban line that ran from Hibbing to Gilbert in northern Minnesota up until 1928. The route includes the entire trolley operation, along with the Great Northern, Duluth, Messabe & Northern, and the Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific as well in those areas.

Installation method: Five Zip files: first is the route, second is the tiles, and the last three are the custom objects.

Size of D/L: 85MB total in five files

Size of installed route: Approx. 550 MB

Prototypical operation on three separate (interchanged) routes

Passenger and Freight operation on all routes

Era: 1922

Location: The iron range of northern Minnesota

Length of Line: Interurban 35 miles, others 25 miles each

Length of Branches: 1-2 miles

Number of Branches: 6

Number of sidings: approx 20

Number of yards: 4

Primarily all single track, with some double track on the steam routes

Trackside detail: 95%

Scenery completed: 90%

FPS: 10 to 40+ based on 933Mhz/512MB ram, Voodoo 4500 64MB video card

Activities provided: Three explores, one for each route

Non-default rolling stock required: Mesaba Electric #10, included in D/L

Xtracks 3.0 plus upgrade or better required

Tsection.dat 8.0 or better required


Known problems: Two shape file sets included in zip need to be placed in the route folder

Download from