Name of Route: Conrail Indianapolis Line

Author: Bruce Bridges

Version 1.0, available immediately {12-29-2002)Edited by RR

This route is based on Conrail's ex-New York Central "Big Four" route between Avon, Indiana and Marion, Ohio; part of the Cleveland-St. Louis mainline. Some cities along the line are Indianapolis, Anderson, Muncie, and Winchester in Indiana, and Ansonia, Versailles, Sidney, Bellefontaine, Ridgeway, and Marion in Ohio. Also included are an 8-mile portion of the ex-Pennsylvania RR Crawfordsville Branch on the west side of Indianapolis, and branches from Anderson to Lapel, Frankton, and Emporia.

Installation: 5 zip files, plus a package of custom road sections (the road sections are in the standardized tsection.dat to avoid conflict with other routes) {Edit by request of author} You'll need to create folders labeled ACTIVITIES and TRAFFIC in order for the route to work properly. It doesn't matter if there's anything in them, they just need to be there. Also, go ahead and delete the contents of the SERVICES folder. These were temporary files I created during testing and somehow didn't get around to deleting.

Size of download: The two largest files are roughly 60 and 30 MB; the others are considerably smaller.

Size of installed route: Approximately 238 MB

Operations: Strictly prototype. Freight only.
Traffic is mostly manifest freight, with a few intermodals and one daily scheduled autorack train (ML-460 from Avon to Cleveland).

Era: 1990-1994

Location: East-central Indiana, west-central Ohio

Length of Mainline: 193 miles

Length of Branches: Approximately 20 miles, total

Number of Branches: 4 (the Crawfordsville Branch is connected to the mainline at both ends, effectively creating a through route)

Number of Sidings: Controlled sidings at Anderson, IN and Ansonia, OH

Number of Yards: 6 (Avon and Transfer in Indianapolis, yards at Anderson, Muncie, Ansonia, and Marion)

Dual/Single Track: All dual except for 15 miles (no sidings) between CP 105 and CP 120. Rule 251 ABS signaling in place except from Indianapolis to Anderson, and Union City to Ansonia (these segments are under bi-directional Rule 261 TCS).

Level of Trackside Detail: Enough for route to appear finished and reasonably well-detailed, but not so much that low-end machines bog down. Roads feature signs, traffic lights, and individually-numbered route markers where appropriate. Mileposts have correct numeral font and are clearly legible. Signals are US&S round color lights as used across the Conrail system, and display aspects consistent with Conrail operating rules. Grade crossing signals designed from prototype standards and feature actual flashing lights. Some scenery objects custom-made.

Amount of Scenery: Scenery complete over entire route.

FPS Specs: 4-10 FPS, on Pentium-III 800 MHz with 16MB video card. Should perform acceptably on most systems.

Activities: Explore Route only, with variety of starting points

Non-Default Consists/Equipment Required: N/A

Additional Track Sets: XTracks 3.0 or later, plus

Tsection.dat: Standardized, build 11 or later (build 11 included in for convenience)

Freeware/Payware: Freeware through ONLY

Known Problems: White void, east of Sidney. Only affects eastbound running.

Where Available: