Name of Route: San Diego & Arizona Railway, MSTS name "Carrizo Gorge v2.1"

Version and Release Date: V2.1, 27 May 2003

Description: The line through Carrizo Gorge was operated by the SDA, which used the route to run passenger and general freight between San Diego and El Centro where the line linked up with the Southern Pacific Railroad. Desert Line: Extends northeast from the International Border (Division) to Seeley, where it joins the Southern Pacific (SP) Line from El Centro. The Goat Canyon Trestle, built in 1932 as part of a realignment of the main line following a tunnel collapse, extends for 633 feet, 185 feet high. It is claimed to be the highest and longest wooden trestle bridge in the United States.

Installation Method: Requires v2.0 of the route be installed. Unzip into directory named SDA20 and then run InstallMe.bat. Then unzip into directory named SDA21_Patch and run UpdateMe.bat. See Readme.txt files with each release. Route packaged with RouteRiter. Requires all 6 default routes be installed.

Size of Download: V2.0: - one 55 MB ZIP; v2.1 Update: - one 11 Mb ZIP

Size of Installed Route: v2.0: 163 Mb, v2.1: 190 Mb

Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: Prototypical, Exact route markers using TsTools. Reskinned consists at

Freight or Passenger: Both

Era or Genre: 1920's to 1980's

Location: San Diego and Imperial Counties, USA

Length of Mainline: This simulation extends the entire 69.9 miles from Division to El Centro rising 1466 ft and then dropping 3613 ft in elevation.

Length of Branches: none

Number of Branches: none

Number of Sidings: ~20

Number of Yards: ~9

Mixture of Dual and Single Track: 100% Single Track

Level of Trackside Detail: Signals, Mileposts, Platforms, Sidings.

Amount of Scenery Completed: 100% DEM data using DEMEX, including Distant Mountains

FPS Specs, with qualifiers: PIII500, 768Mb RAM, Video: 3dfx Voodoo3 3500 TV 16 Mb, average 8fps with low 4-5fps in heavily sceniced areas, high 12fps in the desert {edited & added by rr}

Activities Provided: Dummy activities for explore route, a few real activities

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: many, see readme.txt file.

Add-In Track Sets: none

Tsection.dat file used: Default MSTS

Payware or Freeware: Freeware

URL for More Information and Screenshots:

Known Problems: Bird hazard may not install correctly. If you have trouble, download from

Where it can be downloaded:

Contact: Mark DiVecchio mailto:[email protected]