Name of Route - "3irty-5ive"

Version - '10' 7/27/03

Description - Fictional Line fits on single tile-4 yards and one coillery. A little bit urban a little bit rural.

Installation - Download '' file. Extract to your MSTS routes folder with folder option 'on'. You can also download '' file this includes a MSTS default stock activity and paths and service-this file is optional.

Size of Download - two files - 13.4 MB and 141 KB

Installed Size - 20 MB

Fictional Route - Gradients etc are steep in parts so make driving quite fun. There aren't any speed restrictions

Era - Steam

Location - UK

Length of Mainline - None

Length of Branchlines - Less than 10 kilometers

Number of Branches - 1

Number of sidings - more than 20

Number of Yards - 4.5

Level of Trackside Detail - Has Signals, Buildings, Vegetation and some fencing. Tunnels don't have transparency though.

Scenery - Entire route has scenery but it's focused around areas.

FPS - up to 59 on a p4-2.40 GHz Gf3 64 MB Video Card 512 RAM, As low as 6 on a celery1.3 TNT32 MB Video Card 128 RAM but you can turn the sliders down to get better FPS.

Activities - One Activity is included it uses the Scotsman and some other default stock-I would include the activities I made for myslef but I used non-standard folder names when I installed the stock and it will cause problems for everyone else. I may redo the activities when I reinstall all the stock.

Activity Equipment - Only default Equipment is used.

Tracksets - Uses default

Route is freeware

Download from and

by James Blackadar

(edited by rr for formatting)