Route Name: Conrail Indianapolis Line

Version: 2.0

Description: Conrail's ex-New York Central mainline between Avon Yard in Indianapolis and Marion, Ohio.

Installation: 6 zip files, plus a separate zip containing documentation and maps. Files range in size from 15 to 45 MB.

Installed Size: 465 MB

Era: 1990-1994

Type of Operation: Predominantly manifest freight, some intermodal, occasional grain or coal movements. Amtrak 50/51 (the Cardinal) uses the Crawfordsville Branch and the CSX Indianapolis Subdivision, leaving the Conrail main at IU Interlocking.

Location: East-central Indiana, west-central Ohio

Length of Mainline: 193 miles, all double track except for 15-mile stretch between Marion and Mt. Victory, OH. Rule 251 ABS signaling between Mt. Victory, OH and Ansonia, OH and between Union City, IN and Anderson, IN; Rule 261 TCS elsewhere.

Length of Branches:
Central Indiana & Western - Anderson to Lapel, IN - 10 miles
Dow Secondary/Indian Creek Industrial - 5 miles
Emporia Branch - Anderson to Emporia, IN - 9 miles
Crawfordsville Branch - CP IJ to CP South Hunt on west side of
Indianapolis - 9 miles; forms a second through route

Yards: - Receiving and departure yards at Avon
Indianapolis Transfer Yard (ex-PRR)
South Anderson Yard (Anderson, IN)
Hart Yard (Muncie, IN)
Ansonia, OH
Marion, OH

Level of Trackside Detail: All major buildings, roads, waterways, fields, forested areas. Moving traffic on major roads; traffic lights are lighted but static. Downtown Indianapolis landmarks modeled from prototypes, with night effects where appropriate. Signal code line poles (no wires) along right of way. Permissive block signals have readable number plates with correct numbers. Highway grade crossing signals actually flash. High-tension power line towers and substations in prototype locations.

Level of Completion: Scenery is 100% finished.

FPS: 12-20 on 1.8 GHz with GeForce 4 video card

Activities: None included.

Tracksets: XTracks 3.7 and Global tsection.dat 00020

Distribution: Freeware through TrainSim.Com only

Author: Bruce Bridges