Version: 1

Released: 1/17/2004

Description: The 2nd subdivison of the Milwaukee Road, Rocky Mtn. division extended from Three Forks, MT to Deer Lodge, MT, through the city of Butte, MT. There was not much on-line industry since the Northern Pacific had been on the scene for more than 20 years when the Milwaukee arrived about 1909. According to published documents it was always a plan to electrify the line all the way from arlowton, MT to the Pacific Northwest. However, the 250 or so mile stretch between Avery, ID and Othello, WA was never done. Because the Northern Pacific, Butte Shortline and the former Montana Union RR, paralled the Milwaukee essentially all the way over this subdivision, these have also been included. The Milwaukee is electrified, and extends over the PipeStone pass, arguably one of the most spectacularly engineered rail routes ever built. The Northern Pacific is not electrified, but the wires do exist over this route due to the well known MSTS requirement. Please use your imagination to ignore the wire over the NP. Support structures are abundant on the Milwaukee. The Butte, Anaconda & Pacific also figured into the route structure and has been included between Butte and Durant. You will find cattle loading pens (with cattle in them and "moos" at nearly every siding & town.

Install Method: The route is delivered in 11 standard zip files. First create a scratch directory and unzip all 11 files into it, specifying that it is okay to overwrite files as each file contains the FILE_ID.DIZ and a small .jpg file. Once you have done this there will be two text files in the directory and a "spanned archive". It is critical that you read and understand the installation.txt file. It was provided by Mike Simpson and edited only to reflect the peculiarities of this route. One of the zip files is about 10MBT, and the other ten are about 15MBT.

Size Installed: 300MBT +-

Prototype: Yes - but the Milwaukee & Northern Pacific lines have been abandoned for many years, the NP between Butte and a mile west of PipeStone siding, and the Milwaukee entirely.

Freight/Pass: The last passenger train over the NP was the Northcoast Hiawatha in 1979, and the NP line over Homestake was abandoned in place shortly afterward. This line is still in use by Montana Rail Link, from Three Forks to about a mile west of PipeStone Siding where a granite quarry is located. The last Milwaukee Passenger train ran in 1963. Electric operation ceased in 1973, and the line was abandoned in 1980 - part of the longest railroad abandonment in history.

Era: 1950-1980, and it can be back-dated to the steam era by installing appropriate steam locomotives (mainline power was 2-8-2, and several engines of articulated wheel types.

Length Main: Approx. 110 miles for both the Milwaukee and NP

Length Branches: Approx. 4, just stubs representing NP branches

Number Sidings: 20+

Number Yards: 3 Milwaukee, 1 NP, 2 BA&P

Mixture of trk: All single track

Detail Level: Very high in spots, especially over the Continental Divide and in Jefferson Canyon. However it must be pointed out that this was not a densely populated or foliated area.

Amount Scenery: Approx. 60% scenicked - mainly in the areas that would be way too bare without it.

FPS: 20-30 (System is a 1G Athlon, 512M Ram, GeForce 2 video card with 64Mbt on board Vram, latest release of Direct-X and video drivers, Win-XP.

Activities: 4 generics are provided, and the possibilities are endless. I encourage users to download the NorthCoast Limited, and Olympian Hiawatha train sets from the file library, as well as the BiPolar Electric locomotive. These are very realistic and actually ran on this route. The observation car of the OH has a problem with it's rear wheels, but this does not affect its use. For variety, it is known that the NP and Milwaukee at times detoured over each other's tracks. This was accomplished by connections at DeerLodge, Butte, and Sappington. Just to be wicked, I have not included the small Butte station that was used for about 3 years at the end of passenger service. Therefore, a backup move is required in both directions from the Colorado Jct. wye to the elegant Milwaukee depot (actually the Huntsville, AL depot)

Non-Default items: Many, however it does not require X-tracks. Creators of the add-ons are listed in abridged form on the load screen, and in greater detail in the readme file.

Pay/Free: This route is Freeware, but the author cautions anyone making changes to claim it for himself if he does and just footnote the originator. If you wish to use any of the bridges in this route, please footnote both J. H. Sullivan and Ron Picardi, without whose help, I would not have got the bridges done, especially his considerable skill with PaintShop in creating lattices etc.

Problems: No known problems, except that a send/don't send sometimes occurs when shutting down the sim.

Where: It is located on the files site at

J. H. Sullivan
Jacksonville, FL
[email protected]

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