Route Name - Kicking Horse Pass 2.0

Version - 2.0, Mid 2003

Description - MLT's first offering was Kicking Horse Pass 1, released about 6-8 months after MSTS, and was regarded as one of the best payware routes. Version 2 adds about 40 miles to the east end of the route, and improved upon what few things needed to be touched up, mostly with newer tree and ground textures. Better trainsets also are included thanks to a licence with CP to use logos and names.

KHP as it is known is the Canadaian Pacific Railroads crossing of the Rocky Mountains, and does so in a most unusual way, by having trains go through not one, but two loops in a area known as the Spiral Tunnels. The tunnels helped make the deadly original 4% grade a more easier to traverse,less than 2% grade. The scenery on the route is equally as impressive as the route itself. KHP is often referred to in true life has one of the most scenic routes in the railroad world.

Packaging - Route comes on CD and installs by clicking on the set up icon



Era - 1990's

Location - Western Canada, between Field and Ozada, CP's crossing of the Rocky Mountains

Mainline - about 90 miles long

Branches - No braches

Sidings - Route contains about 10 passing sidings

Number of Yards - 1 at Field and 2 smaller yards at Banff and Canmore

Dual/Single Track - 30% dual, 70% single.

Scenery - Route is complete with heavy trackside detail.

Low end users may need to adjust options to get better FPS on this route.

Activities - Route comes with about a dozen activites, plus others can be downloaded from

Required downloads - No non default trainsets or track sets are required. Route comes with a large assortment of custom engines and rolling stock in CP paint.


Route can be ordered from

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