Name of Route: North Coast Railroad v2.0

Version and Release Date: V2.0, released 5/9/04

Description: This route is based on a railway in Northern California, the North Coast Railroad, later operated by the Northwestern Pacific. The railroad connected the San Francisco Bay area with the Northern California city of Eureka. This route contains the stretch of track starting from the south at Willits and ending north beyond the city of Eureka. The railroad passes through mountainous terrain along the Eel River and also serves several small cities and towns.

Installation Method: Unzip,, and into the ROUTES directory and run Installme.bat. If X-Tracks is not installed, add 250 m radius curve track sections (see readme.txt in route).

Size of Download: 4 ZIP files, about 30 MB each

Size of Installed Route: 400 MB

Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: Prototypical

Freight or Passenger: Both

Era or Genre: 1970s-1998

Location: Northern California, USA

Length of Mainline: 161 miles

Length of Branches: 14 miles

Number of Branches: 2

Number of Sidings: 21 passing sidings

Number of Yards: 4 small yards

Mixture of Dual and Single Track: All single track, with passing sidings

Level of Trackside Detail: Sidings, platforms, mileposts spaced at least one every 4 miles

Amount of Scenery Completed: 100%

Activities Provided: 4

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: - NCR GP9, download from - CCT GP7, download from

Add-In Track Sets: 250 m radius curves

Tsection.dat file used: Tsection.dat in (included with route), or any version of the standardized tsection.dat

Payware or Freeware: Freeware

Known Problems: Track database boundary causes "Great White Void" problem when traveling northbound at one point.

Where is can be downloaded: