Red Arrow

Name of Route: Red Arrow Trolley Lines

Version and Release Date: Version 1.0; May 18, 2004

Description: Red Arrow Lines is a trolley route consisting of four trolley branches that operates in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An additional freight branch was added, but is not prototypical. This is a loop to loop traction line.

Installation Method for the Complete Red Arrow: A self-extracting archive downloaded in five parts. Clicking on redarr01.exe will run the extractor. Move Red Arrow folder into the MSTS route folder. Requires xtracks 3.10 or newer.

Size of Downloads: Five files of approximately 20MB each.

Size of Installed Route: 211 MB.

Fantasy, Prototypical, or Freelance Operations: Prototypical with some Freelance additions

Freight or Passenger: Both

Era or Genre: 1940's

Location: Philadelphia western suburbs, Pennsylvania.

Length of Mainline: 58 miles.

Length of Branches: 54 miles.

Number of Branches: 14 branches or alternative paths.

Number of Sidings: 20.

Number of Yards: 6 small, non-prototypical.

Mix of Dual and Single Track: Approximately 78% single.

Level of Trackside Detail: Signals, mile markers, platform names, sound sources, car spawners.

Percent of Scenery Completed: 100% - some high density detailing.

FPS Specs, with qualifiers: PIII, 2GHz , 512 MB SDRAM, 32MB Nvidia, Win XP. All sim settings on maximum detail.

Activities Provided: Simple "Explore" only.

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: None.

Add-In Track Sets: Xtracks 3.10.

Tsection.dat File Used: Version 23

Payware or Freeware: Freeware

URL for More Information and Screenshots: None

Known Problems: Possible switch lock-up if "freight loop" used more than once (braches marked in Red on included route map).

Where it can be downloaded:
In self-extracting RAR format: (USA)

Designer: R.K.Bird ([email protected])