Version - 1.0 (Jan. 2004)

Description - Santa Fe's busy mainline through Illinois and Missouri along with the Norfolk and Western (now NS) Kansas City
District. The two railroads run on joint-trackage for 30 miles between Carrollton and Camden, Missouri. ATSF runs from east of
Marceline to Argentine Yard (KC Kansas).

Installation - Spanned zip files (requires WinZip 8.1 or higher). Auto-installs to appropriate directories. Run INSTALL.BAT (found in
ATSFMAR main directory) after unzipping to copy required shapes from the default MSTS Routes (requires ALL 6 default routes installed before ATSFMAR).

Size of Download - 9 Files (SFMAR01.ZIP and spanned files .zo1-.zo8)

Installed Size - 1.2 GB

Era - 1954 - 1990's

Location - Missouri and extreme eastern Kansas with future expansion into Illinois.

Length of Mainline - 120 (ATSF) and 80 (N&W) miles currently.

Length/Number of Branchlines - 2 N&W (not measured), 1 ATSF (under construction)

Number of sidings - Primarily double-track (ATSF), single-track TCS for N&W.

Number of Yards - 4: ATSF Argentine and Marceline; NW Avondale, Brunswick; KCT Union Station.

Level of Trackside Detail - Has Signals, Mileposts, Platforms, Siding Names and Sound

Scenery - Scenery is approximately 40% finished.

FPS - Fair 25 - 57 on a 2.66 GH 128 MB Video Card 1024 RAM, 6 - 20 on a 1.00 GH 32 MB Video Card 512 RAM

Activities - Three activities are included.

Activity Equipment - Non-default Equipment is required.

Tracksets - XTRACKS 3.10 and Global TSection.dat v.0023

Route is freeware

Download from CD version available ($10.00 to cover cost, shipping/handling), contact author for information. ([email protected])