Name: MLWRMD4 - Milwaukee Road, Rocky Mountain Division 4th Subdivision, which also includes the Paradise line of NP and the Wallace Branch of NP - J. H. Sullivan

Version: 1

Released: 12/23/2004

Description: The 4th subdivison of the Milwaukee Road, Rocky Mtn. division extended from Alberton, MT to Avery, ID. There was little on-line industry since the Northern Pacific had been on the scene for more than 20 years when the Milwaukee arrived about 1909. According to published documents it was always a plan to electrify the line all the way from Harlowton, MT to the Pacific Northwest. However, the 250 or so mile stretch between Avery, ID and Othello, WA was never done. Because the Northern Pacific paralled the Milwaukee essentially all the way over this subdivision, it has also been included. The Milwaukee is electrified, and extends over St. Paul pass, arguably one of the most spectacularly engineered rail routes ever built. The Northern Pacific is not electrified, but the wires do exist over this route due to the well known MSTS requirement. Please use your imagination to ignore the wire over the NP. Support structures are abundant on the Milwaukee. Because the Northern Pacific, Wallace Branch, used trackage rights between St. Regis and Haugan, MT following a severe flood in 1933, this branch has been included and extends all the way to just west of the end of NP track in Wallace, ID. Beyond this point was Union Pacific R/W. Likewise, the NP, low grade line has been extended to Paradise, MT, and a mile or so of the Evaro Hill line is included for visual effect. Thus, those wishing to use this sim. for activities with Montana RailLink, can simply turn off the overhead wire in the options and ignore the Milwaukee tracks across the river.

Install Method: The route is delivered in 8 spanned zip files. First create a scratch directory and unzip all 8 files into it, specifying that it is okay to overwrite files as each file contains the FILE_ID.DIZ, a small .jpg file and a couple of text files. Once you have done this there will be two text files in the directory, a .jpg, the File_ID.DIZ and a "spanned archive". It is critical that you read and understand the installation.txt file. It was provided by Mike Simpson and edited only to reflect the peculiarities of this route. One of the zip files is about 19MBT, and the other t7 are about 23.5MBT.

Size Installed: 300MBT +-

Prototype: Yes - but the Milwaukee & Northern Pacific Wallace Branch lines have been abandoned for 25 years, the NP (Montana Rail Link) still exists and carries considerable traffic between Lothrop (opposite Alberton) and Paradise, MT.

Freight/Pass: As far as I know, there were no passenger trains operated on the NP portion of this route after the early 1950s. Reference is made in NP passenger timetables of the period to "connecting bus service between Missoula and Wallace, which connected with the North Coast Limited. Undoubtedly detour moves did occur on occasion. The Milwaukee Road passenger train, the Olympian Hiawatha died in 1963. Electric operation ceased in 1974, and the line was abandoned in 1980 - part of the longest railroad abandonment in history. I have read, where toward the end, the Olympian Hiawatha was diesel powered all the way to the coast. After the BiPolars were bumped off the Coast Division, they were used for a time on the Rocky Mtn. Division. Also, in the early 50s, for a few years, Passenger "Joes" were used. BoxCabs were common on freight trains. All Milwaukee Road electric types except the Westinghouse "Quills", and steeple cab switchers are in the library.

Era: 1950-1980, and it can be back-dated to the steam era by installing appropriate steam locomotives (mainline power was 2-8-2, and several engines of articulated wheel types}. There is an excellent NP 2-6-6-2 SlobberStack in the library, as well as an excellent NP 4-8-4. The latter has very realistic controls, and responds as perfectly as can be done.

Length Main: Approx. 100 miles for the Milwaukee, 60+ miles for the NP Mainline, and 56 Miles for the Wallace Branch. Mileposts on the NP main are measured from DeSmet, just west of Missoula, and on the Wallace Branch, from St.Regis.

Length Branch: 56 miles

Number Sidings: 20+ , all of which are identified, most with two siding markers indicating the East and West ends of the siding. Sidings are protected by block signals where appropriate.

Number Yards: 2 Milwaukee (Alberton & Avery), 1 NP(Paradise)

Mixture of trk: All single track, color light signals on the Milwaukee, Semaphores on the NP, no signals on Wallace Branch

Detail Level: Very high througout. Forested very densely in the BitterRoots. Most foliage has been set to a detail level of 7, so it can be turned off.

Amount Scenery: nearly 100% scenicked

FPS: 5-7 (System is a 1G Athlon, 512M Ram, GeForce 2 video card with 128Mbt on board Vram, latest release of Direct-X and video drivers, Win-XP, SP-2

Activities: 3 generics are provided, and the possibilities are endless. I encourage users to download the Olympian Hiawatha train set from the file library, as well as the BiPolar Electric locomotive. These are very realistic and actually ran on this route. The observation car of the OH has a problem with it's rear wheels, but this does not affect its use.

Non-Default items: None, it does not require X-tracks.

Credits/Comments: Creators of the add-ons are listed in abridged form on the load screen, and in greater detail in the readme file. All of the bridges, especially on St.Paul Pass have been done as accurately as possible from photographs and some sketchs. A number of custom textures have been created for this, and the RMD-2 routes. All bridges were created from either known data, or generally accepted bridge practises, for which the author thanks John White, a long time friend, and principal bridge engineer at CSX.

Pay/Free: This route is Freeware, but the author cautions anyone making changes to claim it for himself if he does and just footnote the originator. If you wish to use any of the bridges in this route, please footnote both J. H. Sullivan and Ron Picardi, without whose help, I would not have got the bridges done, especially his considerable skill with PaintShop in creating lattices etc.

Problems: No known problems - however, the nature of the route, particularly the Wallace Branch will require one to have a supply of dramamine on hand when operating it.

Where: It is located in the files library at

J. H. Sullivan
Jacksonville, FL
[email protected]

{edited for format by rr)