Name: Kingsport Subdivision (of CSX)
Version: 2 Released: 1/8/05

Description: The Kingsport Subdivision of CSX runs generally north & south from the Division point of Erwin, TN, through the heart of the Appalachian Mountains to Elkhorn City, KY. There are 35 mainline tunnels, 1 Branchline Tunnel, 5 large mainline bridge structures, and 5 large secondary line bridges, many line-side Industries, mainly associated with the Coal Mining process. The line Follows the Russel Fork of Big Sandy River, from Marrowbone Jct., a few miles north of Elkhorn City, to Haysi, thence McClure Creek to Trammel, thence through the 7854 ft. Sandy Ridge Tunnel. Sandy Ridge divides the OHIO and TENNESSEE River Watersheds. After passing through Dante, VA, the line follows Lick Creek to it's confluence with the Clinch R. at St.Paul, VA, where the N&W Railroad is crossed by back to back turnouts (this is the way it really is). Then the line follows the Clinch River to a point just past Copper Creek, where it penetrates Moccasin Ridge and Clinch Mtn. to emerge in the Holston R. Watershed. From there the line continues to Kingsport, site of Tennessee Eastman Chemicals and many supporting activites. At Frisco, Interchange is made with the Southern Rwy., about 30 miles of which has been included as a secondary route between Glenita, WV and Holston, TN. This is a major coal conduit. After Kingsport, 4 more tunnels are passed before reaching Johnson City, TN where there is room for much value adding if anyone wishes, and then the line proceeds to Erwin, TN, end of the line.

Install Method: The BR sub. is delivered in 5 spanned zip files with internal directories. The spanned zips are wrapped in standard zip files to satisfy Nels requirements. The user should first unzip the 5 files into a temporary directory. Then the user should follow instructions in the "readme1st" file to determine how to unzip and install the route. After unzipping into your \\\\routes directory, you should then run the install.bat file, found in the Kingsport Root directory. Lastly, run an activity, and the terrain buffers will generate. Details are provided in the README1st.txt file included in the first zip.

Size Installed: 250MBT +-

Prototype: Yes - the prototype sees upward of 40 trains in a 24 hour period.

Freight/Pass: There has been no scheduled passenger service since 1954, however many railfan specials have been operated. At least one of these in the early 90s featured SuperLiner equipment and Genesis locomotives from Amtrak. The annual SantaClause special which many may have heard about operates on this subdivision as far as Kingsport.

Era: 1950 to present, and it can be back-dated to the steam era by installing appropriate steam locomotives (mainline power was 2-8-2, 2-10-2, and several 4-6-6-4s. There were also some compound 2-6-6-2, and 2-8-8-2 engines acquired from the N&W in the early 40s)

Location: Eastern Tennessee, Western VA, Eastern KY

Length Main: Approx. 135 miles

Length Branches: Approx. 60 including pieces of the N&W and Southern. Included is the Marrowbone Branch, Road Creek BRanch, and Republic Mine Extension of C&O - these being abandoned in the early '80s. The Fremont Branch, Haysi Branch, Nora Branch, Neece Creek Spur, McClure Spur, and two long abandoned branches at Dante, VA. Also bits of the InterState RR, InterPlant RR, and East Tennessee RR.

Number Sidings: Controlled-14, average 2 miles in length. Uncontrolled - several,

Number Yards: 6, more if you count mine assembly points at tipples.

Mixture of track: All single track, although a few spots behave as double track, i.e. mileposts refer to both tracks as part of the Interstate RR at Miller Yard parallels CSX (or did before 1980 or so).

Detail Level: Very high in spots, especially between Elkhorn City & St.Paul, and other areas where it would be too bare without it. Scenery detail level has been adjusted to vary between 0 and 8, so that adjusting the appropriate sliders should improve frame rate if that is necessary. Most Coal Tipples have conveyors out to the various "head houses".

Licensed Items: The Following License was issued to me by Jim Jendro, and the mentioned objects cannot be used in other routes without his express permission. "The following models and associated textures are Copyright 2002,2003 Jim Jendro and are licensed to Jerry Sullivan for distribution as part of the KP (Kingsport) Sub route and may not be distributed separately.

Propane tank (propanetank.s)
Switch heater (switchheater.s)
Signal boxes (sigbox10.s)
Signal Bungalows (sigbung_*.s) (which have been renamed and used at DED locations)

FPS: 15-20 (System is a 1G Athlon, 512M Ram, GeForce video card with 128Mbt on board Vram, latest release of Direct-X and video drivers, Win-XP-Home, SP-2.)

Activities: Several are provided, and all have been "sanitized" so that regardless of name, they only use default consists, mostly the 30 & 40 car mixed freights. This is to reduce confusion on the part of newbies. Experienced users can delete these and create their own as they see fit.

A word to the wise: The speed limits on the various branches mean just that. For example, the MAXIMUM allowed speed on the Road Creek Branch is 12mph. Exceed this, and well, you may have a runaway, it is a 3+% grade straight down to RC Cabin. Republic exceeds 4% as do the two short branches at Dante.

Known Problems: I would not attempt to operate this sim with derailments turned on. The MSTS derailment item is far too sensitive for the real world. There are a few bumps, but I have cleaned up the mainline very well - branches are another matter - they are rough in the real world. Also, it is not possible to create a complete activity from Holston, TN to Glenita, VA on the Southern. There is a directional glitch about 1/2 way between Gate City and Speers Ferry on this line - maybe the expert hackers can fix it and provide an update (This was present in the original release, but does not appear to be present now - it may have been an operating system issue). In the opposite direction, it works fine.

J. H. Sullivan, P.E. (retired from CSX Engr. Dept.)