Illinois Eastern 1.0

Released Feb 10, 2005

Route follows ex-CR, ex-PC, nee-PRR Panhandle line and BErnice cutoff from Burnham, IL to Crown Point IN. Route traverses south Chicago suburbs and Indiana fields.

Installation is in 3 zip files, all cut and paste.

3 Downloads needed, max download is approx 42mb in size.

Installed size is approx 120mb.

Route is fictional but heavily influnced on real appearance as it would be in 2005 if it had not been abandoned in the mid-1990s.

Route is freight, possible passenger operations added in version 2.

Era is modern, 2005. Route can easily represent anytime from 1970s to now by varying motive power and rolling stock.

Locale: Southern Chicago area, Calumet City, IL to Crown Point IN.

Mainline Length: 27.5 miles, run time of approx 45 min with no stops.

There are no branch lines.

There are about 12 industrial sidings.

There are 3 yards, all medium in size.

Mainline is entirely single track with passing sidings.

Trackside detail is very high and 100% complete.

FPS averaged 8-15fps.

There are no activities included.

Route requires ScaleRail and New Roads 3.0 or later.

Route is freeware

More info available at and screen shots are in the train-sim screenshot forum.

Known problems are detailed in the route's Readme file.

Route available at in the Routes section.